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Jessica Cassidy is the owner and instructor at Brevard’s Best Pilates by Jessica, Brevard County’s Accredited Pilates Instructor with more than a decade of experience in helping clients achieve their fitness goals. At her boutique Pilates studio conveniently located in Viera, Jessica teaches a variety of Pilates and Pilates-Fusion classes as well as private sessions to cater to men or women of every age and level of fitness.

Jessica is a Pilates Method Alliance® (PMA) Certified Instructor and is certified to teach Pilates for Buff Bones®. She is a Licensed Piloxing Teacher and a Master Group Trainer for TRX® Suspension Training. She is also CPR certified. 

In addition to teaching at her studio, Jessica volunteers for PMA’s “Pilates in Schools” program, teaching Pilates to local high school students to provide them with overall mind/body knowledge, fitness, flexibility and self-esteem.

Jessica’s knowledge and experience are not the only reasons she has excelled at her craft. Her enthusiasm for Pilates, along with her outgoing, spirited personality create a close-knit, family atmosphere among her students and keep them excited, motivated and eager to come to each session. Results are guaranteed, both physically and mentally.
Jessica Cassidy
Pilates Method Alliance®
Buff Bones® Instructor
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  1. Hanging Out in the Cadillac Room
    Hanging Out in the Cadillac Room
  2. Fun in Mat Class
    Fun in Mat Class
  3. Cadillac and Reformer
    Cadillac and Reformer
  4. Pilates Reformers
    Pilates Reformers
  5. Pilates Chair Apparatus
    Pilates Chair Apparatus
  6. Pilates Reformer
    Pilates Reformer
  7. Demonstrating the Reformers
    Demonstrating the Reformers
  8. Teaser with Stability Ball
    Teaser with Stability Ball
  9. Stability Balls in Class
    Stability Balls in Class
  10. Stretching
  11. Foam Rollers in Mat Class
    Foam Rollers in Mat Class
  12. For the Side Obliques...
    For the Side Obliques...
  13. Private Session on Cadillac
    Private Session on Cadillac
  14. Reformer in Action
    Reformer in Action
  15. Fab Workout Using TRX Straps
    Fab Workout Using TRX Straps
  16. TRX Twist Class
    TRX Twist Class
  17. Work on the Reformer
    Work on the Reformer