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  1. FREE for New Clients
    Intro Private Session
    All new students are required to schedule a FREE, one-time, one-on-one private session and fitness assessment prior to joining a class. During this private, confidential appointment, Jessica will discuss your current level of fitness, any physical limitations or injuries and your ultimate goals, then guide you through a gentle Pilates workout on the apparatus and/or mat to help you create your long-term fitness plan.
  2. Fundamentals - Essentials Intermediate - Elite
    Pilates Mat
    These mat classes open your mind and body to a new approach to exercise that’s safe, effective and easy on the joints! Learn how to use Pilates principles such as breathing, flexibility, concentration, control and balance to achieve core strength and overall fitness. Fun props including “magic circles,” balls, resistance bands and foam rollers are used to shape and tone for a total body workout! SCROLL TO BOTTOM to read about the different mat class levels... (Fundamentals, Essentials, Intermediate and Elite)
  3. Balanced Body® Cadillac, Chair & Reformer
    Utilizing Balanced Body® Reformer, Cadillac & Chair Apparatus, this class provides a true, total-body Pilates workout that will strengthen your abdominal and deep spine muscles (the "core"). This complete mind-body workout will lengthen, strengthen, and tone all the muscles of your body, restore spine mobility, and will help you feel and look your best! Smaller group classes of 5 or less offered to optimize your workout by allowing more interaction and feedback from the instructor. Beginners are welcome, all levels offered. 
  4. Sculpt long, lean muscles
    Pilates Barre (seasonal)*
    This challenging class combines the best of Ballet Barre techniques, such as barre-assisted squats, pliés, and leg lifts, with basic Pilates core principles to sculpt long, lean muscles, specifically in the abs, booty and legs!
  5. Calorie Scorcher!
    Piloxing® (seasonal)*
    This calorie-scorcher incorporates Pilates, boxing & dance that burn maximum calories, build lean muscles and increase stamina. The combination of these disciplines as primary exercise components create a sense of balance that is physical, mental and addictive. Available for Private sessions as well.
  6. Essentials & Elite
    Stability Ball
    This fun, full-body workout uses large stability balls in a variety of Pilates-based exercises to build your core strength by challenging your balance, concentration and control. The Essentials class is for beginners and the Elite class advances your workout to build on your foundation. All participants will be amazed how small movements can produce big results!
  7. Float in the Air!
    TRX® Twist
    A traditional TRX Suspension Training class with a Pilates twist! This unique workout leverages gravity and your body weight to help you perform a variety of strength-building exercises with TRX straps, which are hung safely from the ceiling to give you a suspended “floating on air” feeling! True to Pilates form, TRX Twist focuses on the core while working the whole body! Modifications to every exercise ensure safety for all levels of fitness. Reservations are recommended as class space is limited.
  8. Only at PBJ!
    Buff Bones®
    A medically-endorsed workout that combines Pilates, functional movement, strength training, and therapeutic exercise with bone-strengthening and balance techniques to optimize the health and safety of your bones... Pilates for Buff Bones® is currently offered on the Space Coast, only here at PBJ!
Class Descriptions & Schedule:
All classes are 55 minutes. 24-hour cancellation for all classes and private sessions.  Scroll to the bottom to see class schedule. 
Just call to reserve your spot in group class or private session (321-345-8663).
UPDATED Schedule in-house*
Classes can change seasonally and more added frequently!
See in studio for up-to-date classes, all time frames a.m, afternoon & p.m*
Updated Schedule in Studio, website subject to change **
Pilates Mat Class Levels:
Fundamentals—for beginners, brand new to the Pilates world.
Essentials—can be modified to benefit any level of fitness, beginner and up.
Elite—uses the same basic Pilates principles but amped up! Use of fun props, team challenges, and more, Elite participants perform more advanced exercises and routines to “feel the burn,” strengthen the core and achieve total body fitness. To ensure your well-being and maintain the flow of this class, you must have attended enough classes or privates, with teacher approach for all of these more challenging classes. Sweat is guaranteed!